Ethical Travel
Engaging Experience

To move people across the world sustainably with pure intention, offering a truly wholesome experience.

The Project

VoyageVert is a travel company with a groundbreaking concept for passenger transport. Our goals are both environmental and social. VoyageVert is the French for ‘green travel’.

Right now we are seeking a large fast sailing boat capable of moving a number of passenger at speed over the Oceans of the Globe. Once located work will begin to ready the yacht to deliver 2 full annual cycles of our intended global route. Beginning in the Northern hemisphere summer we will cross the Atlantic several times before heading South to complete a truly global service with stops planned in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South and North America. A true starting point for the future of sustainable travel.

Did you know that you can’t buy a ticket to cross an ocean,
without getting on a fossil-fuel powered boat or plane?

Greta Thunberg changed everything! Greta has done for our project what the plough did for farming! With her high profile crossings of the Atlantic to reach and return from the postponed COP25, she managed to define the glossary for why sailing needs to be available as an alternative to flight or cargo ship.

VoyageVert wants to bring passenger sail transport to the 21st century with modern technology, top-end design, speed, comfort and plenty of passion for our blue planet – reviving the age-old tradition of passenger sail transport.

VoyageVert’s long-term vision is a fleet of sailing ferries each transporting hundreds of passengers, servicing a network of routes across the globe. Operating under sail power, with sustainably-powered auxiliary engines, these vessels will become the only sustainable option for long-distance transoceanic travel. An option that uniquely offers travellers time for rest and relaxation, uplifting nature connection, adventure and unforgettable life experiences.

However, the possibilities for sustainable ocean travel does not stop there. VoyageVert have in mind a plan to collaborate and consolidate all forms of sustainable travel in an online search engine. This will define a generation’s appetite for better ways to travel. Ways that provide rich, raw experiences at zero cost to the environment.

Our Vision

Imagine modern, high-tech sailing ships, quietly and sustainably traversing the oceans, taking voyagers from A to B. Imagine a society where it’s as commonplace to book a sailboat as it is a plane or a train. Imagine feeling like you have the time and space to travel slowly – arriving at your destination refreshed and energised. Sailing into the harbour of a new country, rather than arriving at the baggage collection area within a vast spread of runways, concrete, and parked cars.

VoyageVert offers a meaningful experience of ecologically sustainable travel. Horizon to horizon stars, the open ocean and breathtaking sunsets. Leave your normal life behind and experience the world from the ocean with plenty of time for reflection and relaxation.

‘We all live on this planet for about only 700,000 hours. You realize, when you spend 4 hours in an airport that’s not very good for the allocation of hours that’s been given to you.

The balance today is, how can you find something where you provide the great service while providing the rawest kind of experience ever?’ Serge Dive, Beyond Luxury

When you are onboard with VoyageVert you will have the freedom to spend your time as you choose or participate as an ‘active-passenger’ in a social onboard community. Talks, workshops, games, spaces for exercise and reflection are all part of the programme.

It promises to be an unforgettable and adventurous growth experience, and we need your help to make this happen. You can help by finding and following us on FacebookTwitter and subscribing to our newsletter. Better still, many small donations can make a big difference – donate as a one-off payment or each month to keep our little team running. More details about giving and investing.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard.


Dr Ben Keitch

Sailor, Explorer, Acrobat, Festival Director and Quantum Physicist.

Ben is leading our SWIFT design team, he wants to see change in the world and believes in alternatives such as VoyageVert. Ben loves a challenge and he wants to use the service himself – so he is prepared to help make it happen.

Mukti Mitchell

Strategic Consultant

“My life dream has always been to start trans-ocean passenger sailing ships. Since thousands fly the Atlantic every day just 0.01% would make a huge market for this, and today’s fastest super yachts cross the Atlantic in a week under sail. I have sailed the Atlantic in both directions and it will provide a great travel experience, ultra low carbon, a new business sector, fantastic jobs, and a deeper connection with nature. Britain with its fantastic naval heritage is the perfect country to launch this exciting new sector.”

Mukti Mitchell designed and built the Explorer zero emission micro-yacht, nominated for innovative boat of the year 2005 and sailed around Britain in 2007 to promote low carbon lifestyles. He has been living, writing and speaking on eco-living for 20 years and authored The Guide to Low Carbon Lifestyles and five highly regarded on-line carbon calculators. He is director of award-winning company Mitchell and Dickinson (once CosyHome Company), insulating period properties, winning him the accolade of ‘Environmental Champion 2016’ in 2016’s DEBI Awards (Devon Environmental Business Initiative).

Mike Brown

With a BSc in Environmental Science and a postgrad BApSc in Energy System Design, Mike has spent the last 15 years developing and project managing various renewable energy, hydrogen and fuel cell initiatives in Australasia, Europe and Central America. He is also an outdoor adventure enthusiast, photographer and sailor. Mike’s specific focus at VoyageVert relates to zero emissions auxiliary propulsion research, development and implementation.

Dr Mark Todman

Mark is a management consultant with a doctorate in environmental science. He is an advocate of sustainable travel and provides us with support on business strategy.

Dr Ulrich Jurgens

Master mariner, marine surveyor, MNI, MIIMS

Ulrich has worked in the maritime industry for over 40 years and sailed as master on German, Dutch and UK flagged vessels. He holds a diploma in marine surveying, has a German law degree, and both an LLM and a PhD in maritime law from the University of Southampton as well as being a trained mediator. Ulrich is excited about the possibilities VoyageVert has to offer.

Philip Humphrey

Globe Trotter, Sailor, Adventurer and Norfolk NHS Central Finance, General Manager. Philip helps where he can, providing business advice and help when needed.

The Team

Ross Porter

Founding Director

Power and Sail Yacht Delivery Captain, Search and Rescue Skipper, Marine Engineer, Gas Turbine Engineer, Festival Manager. Solution focused, environmental protection advocate.


  • MCA Master 200gt Power and Sail
  • C.O.C. Master S.A.R. NZ Coastguard
  • 36,000+ nm Blue water miles as Captain and 1st Mate

Marine Engineer

  • 12 years Marine Engineer
  • 8 years Mechanical Engineer20,000+nm in the engine room

Thomas Beale

Business Director

I have been working to support social enterprise and community led change in various ways for several decades and as a freelance consultant in Bristol since 2010. At the heart of my work is supporting people to match their values and aspirations for social change with a business and financial strategy that supports rather than compromises their aspirations. My work over the past few years includes:

  • Founding director of Bristol Energy Cooperative, one of the UKs largest community energy companies
  • Finance Manager for CEPRO, developing electrical microgrids and community owned renewable energy
  • Business Strategy and Finance for Connolly and Callaghan Ltd, supporting emergency homeless accommodation and ecobuild housing developments
  • Finance Director for Coexist CIC, running a large independent community hub in central Bristol
  • Associate with Ecomotive, supporting self build and community-led housing.

Liz Verde

Branding / Graphics

I’ve been a Graphic Designer for over 10 years. Combining my love of good, visually communicative and clear design with my love of the environment and particularly the oceans, is a dream come true!

Karl Griffiths

Karl Griffiths


Karl is a accountant (ACMA). He studied accountancy whilst working for local government in a variety of roles, environment, housing, schools and corporate finance. Somewhat spreadsheet competent he has worked in local government since 2007. “I’m excited to be involved in ethical transport, and an unusual experience to live and travel by sea.”