The Yacht

Concept Yacht


Steller Yachts has worked with VoyageVert to develop a scalable design for a sustainable sailing ferry capable of transporting 200 passengers 480 nautical miles in 24 hours. The world has never before known a vessel like this.

This boat will provide a viable alternative to long-haul flights, encouraging passengers to consider more environmentally-friendly travel options. VoyageVert aims to bring a fleet of ships into service, offering a vast network of routes to seaways across the world, transforming the travel of the future.

Key Specifications:

Cruise Speed 20kts
Waterline Length 110m
Communal Areas 850m2
Displacement 1400 te
Complement 200 Passengers, 46 Crew
Beam 54m
Twin Cabins 4.5m2
Sail Area 4820m2
4 Berth Cabins 8m2