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All Around the World

We follow the Jules Verne Trophy route around and across the oceans of the world. Stop over in; Cape Verde Islands, Cape Town, Kerguelen Islands and then take your choice to spend two months in Australia or New Zealand (or a month in each?). We depart at the end of February to cross the Pacific; a stop in Easter Island before pressing on into the heart of Terra-del-Fuego and a visit to the supply town for the Antarctic ships – Punta Arenas. We’ll sail past the Falklands but stop over in Rio de Janeiro and then follow the trade winds on up to drop you off in the European port where you joined us.

You are very welcome to stay aboard in all of the stopovers and ports we visit but you will need to make your own arrangements in Australia and New Zealand.

Europe to Cape Town via Cape Verde Islands

Inclusive of this ticket is a pickup from any of the four European ports that we will visit immediately before setting sail for the mid Atlantic archipelago of Cape Verde. We have three days of rest and relaxation amongst these magical dormant volcanoes islands before crossing the infamous ‘doldrums’ to get to Cape Town, South Africa.

Europe to Cape Verde Islands

Included in the price of this ticket is a pickup from any of the four European ports that we will visit immediately before we set sail for the mid Atlantic archipelago of Cape Verde. You will be sailing with us for a week of fun and high adventure.

Cape Verde Islands to Cape Town

Shortly after leaving the Cape Verde archipelago we have to navigate the infamous ‘doldrums’ which has been the bane of sailors forever. There is a way round and we always have carbon neutral auxiliary power to fall back on. Once past this hurdle some of the world’s most reliable winds will haul us down the west coast of Africa to Cape Town. After a little under two weeks we will arrive under Table Mountain with time for you to write home about the amazing time you’ve had.

Cape Town to Melbourne via Kerguelen Islands

Other than what you might think about Cape Horn it is teeming with wildlife. The meeting of two oceans means a lot of seafood and lots of wildlife.
Sailing east with the trade winds runs us right into the Kerguelen Islands (or Desolation Islands) a French dependency that mostly supports scientific research is on of the most isolated places on earth – We’ll literally call in just to say hi to the penguins!

In a little over 11 days you will be the most one of the happiest, cleanest, greenest fare paying passengers to have arrived in Melbourne, Australia for about 150 years. In less than half the time it took then!

Melbourne to Auckland and Auckland to Melbourne

If you have just arrived with us in Melbourne from Cape Town for a discounted rate you can choose to travel on to New Zealand to complete your trip or join us on the next trans Tasman to take the chance to fully explore the Antipodes.

Auckland to Punta Arenas via Easter Island

Two Bucket ‘ticks’ in one! Sail the Pacific Ocean and visit exhilarating Easter Island. We will sail right into and through the heart of the visually stunning Tierra del Fuego. Punta Arenas is a resupply town for Antarctic supply ships and mostly southerly onward transport connections in Chile.

Punta Arenas to Rio de Janeiro

Passing the Falkland Islands on our right it’s an 11 day sail up the coast of South America to get add to one of Rio’s many claims to fame of being the most visited city in the southern hemisphere.

Punta Arenas to Europe via Rio de Janeiro

From Antarctica to the Tropics, it’s an 11 day sail up the coast of South America and into the arms of Christ the Redeemer (the famous Rio’ statue). After exploring the city for a few days we’ll chase the gulf stream up and across back to the European town of your choice.

Rio de Janeiro to Europe

Join the gulf stream at her source as we pass by the Caribbean Sea and enjoy her catapulting effect all the way to your choice of the European cities we sail between – inclusive.