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The VoyageVert team are investigating alternatives to unsustainable, fossil fuel-powered long haul passenger transport. Starting with a pilot worldwide passenger service, we will move 12 passengers, and 6 professional crew on a 110′ (35m) catamaran.


Personal transport amounts to 23% of the world’s CO2 emissions. Aviation makes up 2.5% of that.

80% of aviation co2 emissions are emitted from flights of over 1500km.


These emissions are injected directly into the upper atmosphere. 705 million tonnes of co2 per year.


Cramped seats, overcrowded terminals, inhumane security and conditions.

No money, no problem

You will have up to date information and resources for you to be able to hitchhike your way around the world

Some cash but not a lot?

Our members area will hook you up with owners going places. Join up – earn your ranking as a trustworthy sailor and be assured the vessel and owner your sailing with is also safe and sound

Spare berths allocated

We’re talking to commercial sailors and campaign vessels about selling tickets on some famous (and not so famous) yachts and ships

VoyageVert ships on passage

Trans-Atlantic in 10 days or less? VoyageVert are working as hard as possible to begin piloting international routes to prove to investors that passengers will want to use our service to get from a to b.

Sustainable propulsion

The Voyage Vert project is investigating a number of alternative, sustainable long haul propulsion options. These include sail, solar-electric and methane-hydrogen cell.

We’re anticipating the first voyages will be along a transatlantic route, with a high speed, high technology multi-hull carrying up to 100 passengers at a time.

Intentional travel

The travel experience we hope to offer will be a world apart from the high-density, cramped and rushed style of modern air travel. While the transatlantic crossing will be fast in terms of ocean travel (a few days), it’s not an overnight flight. While on passage you’ll be able to relax, learn from on-board experts in scientific, oceanic wildlife and other fields, engage with fellow passengers, learn more about the world around us, and learn more about yourself.
At this stage of the project we are primarily seeking funding to get a pilot transatlantic passenger service running. The aim is to build relationships with other transport providers, build a network of interested parties, explore propulsion options and prove there is appetite for a viable, long-term alternative to fossil fuel powered flights.

If the idea of this project gets you excited and you feel you might be able to contribute we always need help. Please get in touch to be a part of the solution.

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